Digital Transformation


Digital Transformation

Assuredly, embracing novel technologies is a core element to your business success. CDAR offers guidance on how to plan and deliver a successful digital transformation program.

“90 percent of CEOs believe that digital economy will impact their industry, but less than 15 percent are executing on a digital strategy,” MIT Sloan.

New technologies like artificial intelligence and 5G have profound consequences. Therefore, enterprises should put in place a digital transformation strategy. Utilizing the CDAR digital transformation model, companies can effectively embrace emerging technologies while avoiding the pitfalls of quickly approving green advancements and deploying them in a way that causes inauspicious business disruptions.

CDAR digital transformation model stages:

  • Analyzing and determining business needs
  • Assessing the organizational culture
  • Setting business objectives
  • Identifying and documenting risks of embracing new technology
  • Testing and modifications
  • Implementing the new technology
  • Continuous improvements

With our digital transformation model, your business can integrate digital technology in all areas, fundamentally boosting the way you operate and provide value to your customers. Besides, CDAR guides you in implementing a cultural change that allows your employees to challenge the status quo and experiment for the best outcomes while learning from constraints during the transformation.

Irrespective of your level in the digital transformation journey, you can contact CDAR to speed up the process while offering agility to your organization.

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